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My main focus at the moment is acting as Chief Technologist of Morningside Analytics. We make beautiful maps of the internet, and do segmentation and authority analysis of blogs and social media.



Every project needs a graveyard

Developers don’t want to delete code because it might be used down the road. Every project I work on these days gets a “graveyard” folder in the main source tree where people can put code they don’t need any more but don’t want to delete forever or lose track of in the repository history.

I find that this makes a HUGE difference in keeping the source files cleaner. Just having a place to put the code where you know you can find it later if you need it removes a lot of the hesitation in actually taking it out.

People will still comment out chunks of code for a while if they’re unsure that it can be safely removed, but eventually that code gets moved to the graveyard and taken out of the live codebase.

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